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BAU Academy is a space for implementation of innovations

BAU Academy is an educational structure and marketing  communication platform for promoting new technologies and innovations on Bulgarian construction market. 

We provide opportunities for participants in the building process to collaborate and have choices, to discover reliable and sustainable solutions, to adapt easily tested approaches into their projects, and to optimize their time and expenses!


Benefits for the manufacturer

An opportunity to enter a new market, to launch new products/services and reach experts in the field!

Benefits for the user

An opportunity to reach useful content, to make a choice, to focus on his main activity, to increase his competencies for free, to create relationships in a supportive environment!

Benefits for BAU Academy

An opportunity to develop the competencies of the Bulgarian construction community, to add value to its mission, to increases the number of followers and enjoy a good reputation!

General Partner

We develop creative ideas inspired by people like you.

//Nina Valcheva

Business development and consultancy +359 888 75 44 84 [email protected]

//Maya Simova

Sales and marketing manager +359 882 02 80 26 [email protected]

//Kristina Grigorova

Event and training coordinator +359 876 79 10 00 [email protected]

//Guest Lectors

Partnering with professional trainers and experts who share their knowledge with the audience.

// Manufacturers

Partnering with innovative manufacturers who adapt the environment and the sector to work with new technologies.

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