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The process of ensuring your project's success.

In order to implement your project, it goes through several stages: Idea, Design, Construction, and Operation.

BAU ACADEMY can assist you with a network of technical specialists and experts in each stage of your project

Design Stage

To ensure that your project is provided with the necessary regulatory documentation, we require the following:
Declarations and Certificates
Test Protocols

Texts for Specifications and Details


Delivery Stage

Our concern is to connect you with logistic partners and recommend network services for product implementation.
Follow UP & Delivery & Exploitation

Transportation and Delivery to the Site

Operation and Maintenance Guidelines
Facility Management

Installation Stage

Responsibility does not end after the order and delivery of the facility. Here are the guidelines you may need:
Installation Instructions

Operating Instructions

Instructions for Proper Storage

Best Practices

Operation Stage

We focus on solutions that are sustainable and long-lasting.
Declarations and Certificates

Cleaning and Maintenance

Repair Activities

BAU Academy embraces the cause of "Lifelong Learning."

Our aspiration is to contribute to the continuous improvement of the competences of the architectural and construction sector in Bulgaria, through free access to up-to-date knowledge.

Educational Resource

We are committed to providing leading manufacturers in their respective fields with value-added educational resources for individual and distance learning in the following categories:
Catalogs and Brochures

Case studies
Webinars & Workshop

Paid Services


Shared offices, demonstration spaces, and storage facilities within the architectural and construction community, as well as access to all educational events. ⇒ learn more


In collaboration with university professors, government institutions, and companies in the construction industry, we provide internships for students.

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