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Here you will find a list of all previous webinars and hybrid events organized by BAU Academy.



Hydraulic sizing for drainage of surfaces!! PREVIOUS EVENTS


The HYDROPRO LINE concept is your solution for collecting and draining rainwater from industrial areas, logistics parks, ports, and airports. HYDROPRO LINE combines a linear drain and a collector into a single integrated structure, which facilitates and shortens the construction process.


  • Engineer Stanislav Darachev
  • Engineer Rumen Radev, Hydropro BG


WEBINAR: Challenges in Implementing BIM and Revit in Design Practice!


BIM University is a certified Autodesk Authorized Training Center and offers in-person and online courses for a wide range of BIM software products.

Zhivko Mitev is a certified Autodesk instructor and practicing designer with over 20 years of experience in Structural Engineering. He has been providing CAD and BIM training for over 10 years.

Speaker: Eng. Zhivko Mitev




WEBINAR: Inspect Your Roof with BLÜCHER “Connected Roof”!


The concept of BLÜCHER “Connected Roof” is your solution that will protect and alert you in case of water retention and blockage issues in the roof’s drainage system.


Palle Padsbjerg, BLÜCHER / Business Development Manager / Eng. Desislava Vâlcheva



WEBINAR: Requirements and Challenges for Window and Façade Sealants!


TEROSON system products, developed by Henkel, are your solution for reliable results in insulation around windows and facades. Drawing on years of experience and know-how in the field, the developed systems are adapted to various methods and details commonly implemented in modern construction projects.


Speaker: Eng. Yavor Stefanov Technical Department, Henkel Bulgaria EOOD.




BLÜCHER® Drainage for HVAC, Restaurants, and Hypermarkets


Are you planning a renovation or investing in a new facility and HVAC equipment? We will assist you in designing and selecting specialized hygienic drainage solutions for: slaughterhouses, dairies, fish markets, breweries, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage production, restaurants, and public kitchens.


Speaker: Dmitry Postnikov Area Sales Manager, BLÜCHER.





WEBINAR: Future of Decentralized Residential Ventilation by getAir


As more time is spent indoors, cities experience polluted air, and heating costs rise… With these current trends, modern residential construction will soon be unthinkable without the implementation of ventilation systems. Smart Air Systems Ltd., a partner of getAir in Bulgaria, presents innovative decentralized ventilation systems with established German quality.


Speaker: Marc Bollmann Business Development Manager International, getAir Germany.




WEBINAR: Insurance “Guarantees” in Construction


Contracts under the Public Procurement Act (PPA) in the construction sector engage the selected contractor to provide guarantees for “Good Performance,” advance payments, and more. These guarantees can be secured through various instruments, including Bank Guarantees, Cash Guarantees held by the Contracting Authority, or “Guarantees” insurance. AMARANT is a market leader and the FIRST DIGITAL BROKER in Bulgaria.


Speaker: Katerina Kaneva Corporate Clients Manager, AMARANT




WEBINAR: Sewer Overflow Regulators. Concept and Sizing of Self-Cleaning Overflow Regulators.


Sewer overflow regulators are widely used facilities, but their technological sizing and subsequent operational condition have always been a topic of debate. The presented new type of sewer overflow regulator combines the best practices from known designs while providing a solution for the removal of accumulated solid deposits.


Speaker: Dr. Eng. Stanislav Darachev




WEBINAR: “Smart Home” Systems for Existing and Newly Constructed Buildings


With the rapid advancement of home and building automation systems – Smart Home, more and more electrical engineers, designers, and integrators face challenges in selecting the perfect system to offer their clients. At “ELKO EP Bulgaria,” as manufacturers of the “iNELS smart home” system, we will answer some of the most common questions and address various other topics.


Speaker: Miroslav Donchev CEO, ELKO EP Bulgaria Ltd. – Smart Home Electro-installations




WEBINAR: Infiltration and Retention Systems for Wastewater Management


Due to an increased risk of flooding in urban environments, the need for rainwater management and improving the capacity of sewer networks is growing.

Geoplast is an Italian company specialized in systems for the management, storage, and utilization of rainwater.


Speaker: Giulio Paolin Export Area Manager




WEBINAR: Infiltration and Retention Systems for Wastewater Management


You will learn more about:

  • Grateless channels for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Low-profile solutions for optimizing installation costs
  • Non-combustible, durable, and environmentally-friendly materials
  • Expected trends in raw material prices in 2022


Speaker: Alexander Kuster Product Manager at HYDROTEC Technologies AG




WEBINAR: Panel Bonding System for Ventilated Facades – Bostik Paneltack


Achieving an aesthetically pleasing facade without visible fasteners, easy installation of panels with larger and thinner dimensions, favorable distribution of stresses under different loads, vibration absorption from heavy traffic, and avoidance of thermal bridging at the connection. For over 130 years, Bostik has been providing innovative and reliable sealing and bonding solutions.


Speaker: Boyan Zhdrebev, Product Manager at Bostik Bulgaria Boguslaw Jaroch, CEE Business Development Manager at Bostik Poland.





Innovative Polycarbonate Systems for Energy Efficiency by PolyWorldSystems offered by TUPLEX


TUPLEX, a company with 30 years of experience, has been applying its expertise in structural plastics in Bulgaria for the past 15 years.


The event showcases polycarbonate systems from leading Italian company PolyWorld Systems, suitable for:

🔹 Creating skylights in industrial and commercial halls

🔹 False ceilings in high-ceilinged spaces

🔹 Partitioning large areas to optimize lighting, heating, and building maintenance costs

The main focus of the event is the use of polycarbonate systems in the context of rising energy prices in the short and long term, aiming to achieve high levels of energy efficiency.


Speakers: Theodor Iliev, Operational Manager at TUPLEX Bulgaria Giuseppe Prestigiovanni, CEO & President of PolyWorld Systems North America Roberto Barrerа, Sales Manager at PolyWorld Systems





Solutions, Trends, and Innovations in Low-Energy and Passive Construction. Proper RAL Installation of Doors and Windows by Meesenburg Bulgaria


Meesenburg Bulgaria is a leading distributor in the market for fittings and accessories for doors and windows, as well as providing system solutions for door and window installation, sun protection, ventilation, smoke exhaust, and various accompanying products for these processes.

The main focus of the event: ✔️ Meesenburg and Sustainable Thinking (EPD, c2c, cradle to cradle certification) ✔️ New production center in Bischofswerda ✔️ The new blaugelb FLK liquid insulation


Speaker: Robert Leinert Head of Product Management, Meesenburg Großhandel KG




Improving Living Spaces and Comfort through Comprehensive Automated Systems in Smart Buildings by HDL

HDL Automation is an international technology company operating in the field of smart homes, smart buildings, and smart hotels.

The company offers a comprehensive intelligent control system to the market. HDL has established a distribution network for sales and services, consisting of distributors, dealers, and engineers in over 100 countries worldwide.


Their automation products have been implemented in tens of thousands of projects, including some iconic architectural masterpieces of the century, such as:

√ Dubai International Airport √ Building 41X at the Australian Institute of Architects √ Macau Morpheus Hotel (Building of the Year 2019 in the Hospitality sector)


Speaker: Ognyan Yanev Product Manager, HDL



HYBRID EVENT: Professional Kitchen Ventilation with Heat Recovery by ATRIA – Key Principles, Practical Tips for Designers, Application


ATRIA is a leading manufacturer of ventilation systems with heat recovery and professional kitchen ventilation.

The company’s production is based in the Czech Republic, and its product range includes a variety of innovative solutions for improving the indoor climate in buildings.


Speaker: Ivo Reiman Product Manager





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