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Forum: "Renewable Energy Applications in Construction"

November 30, 2023

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Sintered Stone Slabs- advantages in facades and interior design

13 December 2023 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

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Energy and work efficiency of materials when used for facades and interior design.

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Seminar of PRO AUDIO

14 December 2023 01:30 PM - 05:00 PM


The upcoming large number of educational and retail infrastructure projects expect adequate and modern solutions for security, sound and vision.
Join PRO AUDIO's special training program featuring SAMSUNG!

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Forum:"Hybrid Houses and Prefabricated Structures"

23 January 2024

Hybrid Houses Urban Planning, Architecture, and Appropriate Infrastructure

Systems to be presented include:

→ Fire protection, vapor barrier, and moisture protection

→ Thermal energy and moisture-resistant energy systems

→ Windows and doors

→ Roofing

→ Greening solutions

→ Smart management and security systems

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Forum: "Urban Spaces and Green Infrastructure"

20 February 2024

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Forum: "Design, Construction and Operation of Industrial and Logistics Buildings"

26 March 2024

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Forum: "Design, Construction and Management of Residential Complexes"

23 April 2024

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Forum: "Design, Construction and Operation of Industrial and Logistics Buildings"

28 May 2024

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Forum: "The Voice of the Manufacturers"

Industry Expo 11 June 2024

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High-School Student Practices

July 2024

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University Student Practices

August 2024

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12 - 14 September 2024

Construction B2B Fair for Manufacturers and Suppliers of Building Materials and Technologies, Machines, Industrial and Infrastructure Construction

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Forum Facades: "High Buildings and Skyscrapers"

22 October 2024

In cooperation with FEA

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Forum: "Renewable Energy in Construction"

19 November 2024

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Forum: "Water Supply and Sewerage News"

3 December 2024


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